Caliber Appliances builds their award winning outdoor products with passion for culinary design and innovative engineering. Every line, every feature, every detail down to the tooling on the burners is crafted with an intense devotion to providing the customer amazing results — hands-down, you can Expect Great Heat from Caliber products.

From the patented Crossflame™ burner technology packed with 30,000 BTUs, which yields an even-flow of heat down to the furthest corner of the grill, to the Power Pro™ Top Burner, a 23,000 BTU patent-pending powerhouse, giving you the power to sear, sauté, boil or melt while preparing your culinary feast. The award winning Caliber Pro Kamado™ Charcoal Grill and Smoker is truly remarkable in the variety of cooking styles it offers–grill, smoke, bake and rotisserie within one unit. Caliber has meticulously designed their products not just for restaurant-grade power and efficiency, but for flexibility and versatility—bringing to life your fantasy kitchen.