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Featured Installation: San Juan Capistrano, CA

Home Chef, Christina, and product designer, Grant, have been enjoying their 36″ Caliber Indoor Professional Range in their newly renovated kitchen in San Juan Capistrano, California. Christina says, “I love this range and use it all the time!” Christina has not only been baking bread in their new oven they’ve also tested and perfected a sourdough bread recipe they will be sharing with our fans next month. And, not only is it a recipe she will walk you through with tons of insider information, she will even provide a timeline to make the process easier. She calls this recipe “Bread Creation” because she has learned so much in the process that she wants to share. Please check back next month for the unveiling of her “Bread Creation” or subscribe to our Caliber Culinary Corner e-news to make sure you don’t miss this. Click here for the link. Christina’s bread recipe has posted and you can now get it by clicking here.