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Haefele Design, Inc. (Featured Installation: Malibu, CA)

This is one of Caliber’s most iconic featured installations from Laurie Haefele of Haefele Design, Inc. and Ocean Point Development, who included Caliber in some unique outdoor designs for her clients in Malibu, California. Laurie’s client lives directly on the beach. She asked Caliber to not only customize the stainless steel to an even higher grade to outlast the weathering on the beach, but also to create a custom grill top cover to transform the grill into a dual-purpose buffet area. The Rockwell by Caliber Social Grill has a disappearing lid, which makes it an unique and versatile grill, and Caliber is always up for a design challenge to make your culinary jewel exactly what you want. This created a beautiful area for grilling overlooking the ocean.

By special request, this 42″ Rockwell by Caliber Social Grill was made of 316 stainless steel, and with the custom cover open you can see the original grilling lid when down and up for actual cooking. When done cooking, the clients wanted the space above to be used to serve their guests the food they just prepared.

On another balcony of this same home in Malibu, Haefele Design opted for a more traditional grilling environment with another Caliber grill.

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Ohki Farms Featured Installation (Winton, CA)

The 48″ Caliber Indoor Professional Range with four burners, griddle and French Top was definitely an added feature in this newly rebuilt home on the Ohki Farms estate in Winton, California. The custom accents of matte brass bezels and end caps tied together nicely with their handles and lighting. This range truly is the crown jewel within their kitchen.

Owner, Michael Ohki, shared with us some thoughts on his new range, “Love my Caliber 48”!  We are cooking and baking everyday with ease and confidence.  The customized stove gives a finished look to our new kitchen.”

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Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ Elements

Caliber’s featured dealer, Brown Jordan, continues to receive quite the buzz for it’s Outdoor Kitchens’ Elements by designer/architect, Daniel Germani even years after it’s debut. Within this design they include and highlight the Rockwell by Caliber Social Grill. See why this new design is receiving such accolades. Design Milk is drawn to the “13 Bold Colors That Will Take Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen up a Level” and click here for the full story. In Kitchen and Bath Business (KBB), see why editor Chelsea Butler also choose this design as one of her top picks during KBIS in this article.

Metropolis Magazine loves how designers and manufacturers are collaborating to create bright ideas. “In a new line for Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, designer Daniel Germani discards cookout clichés in favor of candy-bright finishes and a furniture-like frame. (For traditionalists, a stainless-steel option without the powder-coat finish is also available.) The modular units offer integrated handles, drawers, and pass-through cabinets.”

See also Brown Jordan’s Elements and the Caliber grill pictured above and seen within the outdoor installation by Alison and Mike in the Rock the Block’s season 2 Exteriors episode. For the full article, click here. To see more on Brown Jordan’s Outdoor Kitchen Elements featuring the Rockwell by Caliber Social Grill, click on the video below or here.

To see why this design caught Interior Design’s eye at KBIS and was one of their Best of Year 2020 designs, click here. Also, see the Elements design and Caliber grill within the City and Shore and House Beautiful magazines.

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Outdoor Kitchen Design Store (Long Island, NY)

For over three decades the Outdoor Kitchen Design Store by Preferred Properties has served Connecticut, New York and Southampton. Caliber is proud to be featured in their store and outdoor designs, and especially in this recent Long Island, NY installation. The Rockwell by Caliber social grill works great for entertaining in this open island concept. For more information on this featured dealer click here.

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Outdoor Kitchen Design Store (Quegue, NY)

This Euro outdoor kitchen is located in the quaint little historical town of Quogue, NY in Southampton. The Outdoor Kitchen Design Store put together this featured Caliber installation.

The Rockwell by Caliber Social Grill is clearly unique with its hood rolling back into the cabinetry. Farther to the right past the outdoor refrigerator and ice machine is the EVO grill which diversifies the cooking experience outdoors.

With this fully equipped outdoor kitchen you can cook anything outdoors that you would normally cook indoors. Then farthest right is the GALLEY workstation. An incredible way to cook, clean, prepare, serve and entertain while staying outdoors for endless hours with friends and family.

For over three decades the Outdoor Kitchen Design Store by Preferred Properties has served Connecticut, New York and Southampton. Caliber is proud to be featured in their store and outdoor designs.

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Jarrett Design (Greenwood Lake, NJ)

Jarrett Design focuses on improving the lives of their clients through careful design and a steadfast commitment to service. Their beautiful work done on Greenwood Lake, NJ was a stunning installation we had to feature this month. The Rockwell by Caliber Social Grill was so nicely highlighted in this project and was chosen for it’s unique lid design that provides an unobstructed view of the landscape while grilling.

When asking co-owner and designer, Jesse Jarrett, about the project, he highlighted the experience and called it “Al Fresco on Greenwood Lake” and shared his design process on the project in the article below:

“For some, cooking is a chore; impossibly the case in this fabulous lakefront, outdoor kitchen! Bells and whistles galore, topped off with a gorgeous view, this space is a dream for gourmet chefs and diners alike! Our clients built their home with their family and friends’ enjoyment in mind, along with attention to every detail while incorporating the latest and greatest technology. All of these goals were intact for their outdoor kitchen as well. NatureKast Outdoor Cabinetry was the obvious choice given their superior construction for standing up to the elements. The cabinetry’s grey teak resin with brushed stainless frames perfectly complemented the exterior style and colors of the home. Durable Dekton countertops followed suit for the same reasons.

We started the design process with the clients’ impressive appliance list. The big, round Evo griddle top, with its own cabinet featuring a curved front with a low countertop for tucking the lid out of the way while in use, would be the centerpiece. Its curves speak to the curved seating area that mimics the curve of the deck itself. Sharing the stage with the Evo would be a 48” Caliber gas grill with a nifty retractable top for an unobstructed view while cooking. Perlick refrigerator/freezer drawers and beverage center placed near the entrance to the kitchen and service counter allow for easy access. The ever-efficient Galley Workstation with Galley Tap sits in a special cabinet that neatly organizes all the Galley accessories. A stainless steel, critter proof pantry was incorporated for food and supplies. Cabinetry accessories such as roll out trays, pull out cooking utensil organizer, pull out spice cabinet, tray/cutting board cabinet, and double trash cabinet keep everything in its place. Tall stainless-steel posts to match the deck railing detail were designed and custom fabricated to add lighting at night and to hold a large sail for shade on sunny days. Under-counter lighting sets the mood after dark.

For more information on Jarrett Design click here.

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Outdoor Kitchen Design Store (East Hampton, NY)

Designing with the chef in mind and how to best entertain in that space is what makes for a successful outdoor environment. The Outdoor Kitchen Design Store also believes that “living beyond the walls and entertaining outdoors is always a huge success when the outdoor living space is accommodating, convenient and properly placed.” The Outdoor Kitchen Design Store hits a homerun with this project they call “Bon Appetit Outdoors” in East Hampton, New York. The Caliber Crossflame Pro Grill is a chef’s dream for getting that perfect sear on steaks using our patented Crossflame burners and radiant system, while also having the cooking space on the grill for entertaining large crowds. This outdoor installation not only looks stunning, but has the performance a chef desires.

For over three decades the Outdoor Kitchen Design Store by Preferred Properties has served Connecticut, New York and Southampton. Caliber is proud to be featured in their store and outdoor designs.

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Home for the Holidays

Designer and Home Chef, Alison Kent, couldn’t be more happy to be home for the holidays in her newly remodeled kitchen. Some of you may have seen her Alison Kent Home Kitchen blog talking about how she choose all of the elements in the planning stages of her kitchen remodel and how the 36″ Caliber Indoor Professional Range became a focal point of her kitchen. If you’re thinking about putting a Caliber range in your kitchen, this article would definitely be helpful.

Photography : Tracey Ayton

Alison’s kitchen couldn’t look more amazing and is our Caliber featured installation this month. For the before and after pictures of her new kitchen reveal click here. Alison also talks about all of the design details of her kitchen in this article. And, when we spoke to Alison about featuring her kitchen, she wanted to share some thoughts with our consumers.

Beyond the Reveal!

I think the biggest message for me is to not be afraid to think out of the box. It can be incredibly rewarding! When I’m designing Kitchens I like to encourage Clients to do what makes them happiest – which is typically within a certain comfort zone of things they’ve seen and experienced, but to also leave space for ‘moments of magic’. Maybe we come up with a really creative design solution (like cabinetry that can move out from under the counter, or a wood panel that bridges raised counters for hosting small ‘Chefs Table’ dinners); or perhaps instead of buying a stock piece of something from a store or website (open shelf, pulls, feature mirror), we source a storied vintage piece or leave an opening for a future found object from a meaningful place. These treasures can become unique focal points of a design and create conversations for years to come.”

Photography : Tracey Ayton

“I love that my Caliber has become one of those pieces in my own Kitchen. Making the Range a focal point is still a popular choice, especially for home cooks like me with high-end range requirements. I chose black accents as my customization to make it really ‘punch out’. Paired with the Miriam Aroeste Artwork backing and the custom Birdman the Welder hood cover piece, it’s the first area people are drawn to when they enter the Kitchen – and the most photographed! I wasn’t previously familiar with Caliber and I felt like I was taking a bit of a leap with it, but I just knew it was going to end up being one of those ‘moments of magic’.”

We are so happy that Alison fell in love with the Caliber range when visiting Midland Appliances, and that our dealer was able to reassure her on the quality of our brand during her research process. We are a hidden gem. For more on Alison Kent Home Kitchen visit her at

A walkthrough of Alison Kent’s new kitchen by SwitchDoor. See the Caliber Indoor Range in this video.

To see Alison’s Caliber range highlighted in Kitchen & Bath Design News Product Trend Report: Cooking Connections, click here.

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KBB Product Award Top Judges’ Pick

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ 2021 Color Collection featuring the Rockwell by Caliber Social Grill

Congratulations to architect and designer Daniel Germani and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens for winning this prestigious 2021 award from Kitchen and Bath Business. Caliber is proud to be a part of your outdoor installations and to have you as one of our premier dealers of our grills.