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Outdoor Kitchen Design Store (East Hampton, NY)

Designing with the chef in mind and how to best entertain in that space is what makes for a successful outdoor environment. The Outdoor Kitchen Design Store also believes that “living beyond the walls and entertaining outdoors is always a huge success when the outdoor living space is accommodating, convenient and properly placed.” The Outdoor Kitchen Design Store hits a homerun with this project they call “Bon Appetit Outdoors” in East Hampton, New York. The Caliber Crossflame Pro Grill is a chef’s dream for getting that perfect sear on steaks using our patented Crossflame burners and radiant system, while also having the cooking space on the grill for entertaining large crowds. This outdoor installation not only looks stunning, but has the performance a chef desires.

For over three decades the Outdoor Kitchen Design Store by Preferred Properties has served Connecticut, New York and Southampton. Caliber is proud to be featured in their store and outdoor designs.