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The Best Gas Grills For Superior Backyard Barbecues

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I’ve been a grilling enthusiast for as long as I can remember. But being completely devoted to charcoal for many years, I was late to discovering the wonder of the gas grill. I still love grilling with charcoal, especially while camping, but since starting a family almost seven years ago, I’ve switched over to cooking on a gas grill. Why? Because the best gas grills are much more efficient than their charcoal counterparts, and are much easier to use. 

When picking out a gas grill, there are a few basic factors to consider. The first factor is fuel. If you can hook up to a hard line of natural gas, then you won’t ever have to worry about replacing propane tanks, which can be cumbersome to stock up on, but a necessary added step.

Then you’ll want to consider grill size. If you plan on cooking a lot of food at once, you’ll likely need a model with 1,000-plus square inches of total cooking area. If, on the other hand, you’re only looking for something to cook a few burgers and hot dogs, then a smaller two-burner grill will likely be enough. And when considering your options overall, don’t forget about a top shelf, which easily adds to your total cooking area. 

Next, there are special features, like a rotisserie kit, side burners or cabinet storage, and other smaller details, like fold-down shelves and accessory hooks. They’re all there to improve the grilling experience, but be honest with yourself about which you think you’ll really use. 

Lastly, there’s price. While there are a number of good gas grills you can get for well below $500 (many on this list), if you’re looking to invest in something bigger with lots of features that will last for years, you’ll probably need to set your budget closer to $1000. 

With all those factors in mind, here are the best gas grills for summertime barbecuing and beyond. 

Best High-End Freestanding Gas Grill

Rockwell by Caliber Gas Grill

Having a built-in outdoor grill will cost you several thousand dollars if you want materials of decent quality, not to mention a decent built-in grill. So while the $10K price tag of this Rockwell from Caliber is steep, when you realize it not only negates the need for a built-in but means you can move your high-end gas grill anywhere on your property, the price begins to make sense. Plus, it’s stunning — with beautiful lines, integrated Brazilian cherry hardwood, and handsome hardware. And when it comes to cooking, this three-zone grill’s burners each crank out 20,000 BTUs that heat a 675 square inch cooking space.

For the full story click here.

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Snyder Diamond (Santa Monica, CA)

Established in 1949, Snyder Diamond proudly remains an independent, family owned and operated company located in Santa Monica, Pasadena and North Hollywood. Snyder Diamond is a premier dealer of Caliber Appliances and kicked off their summer grilling with designer and Caliber grill owner, Kathryn Ireland. Ireland fell for Caliber’s 360-degree walk-around Social Grill, a grill designed exclusively as an installation for David Rockwell of the Rockwell Group, notable for its fully retractable ‘disappearing’ lid—a feature that Ireland loves, though its bright red color is what grabbed her attention first (it also can be any custom color). “The one thing I kept of my house was its red garage door, so I saw this and thought, ‘Oh, it’s crying out to be in my backyard,’” the designer says.

Or as Russ Diamond, Snyder Diamond’s owner puts it, “it’s her (Kathryn’s) Alfa Romeo.”

With so many of us pressing pause on any vacation plans that involve air travel this summer, the whole concept of a “staycation” has taken on new meaning—with our own backyards suddenly looking like the best bet for a safe retreat. Of course, being stuck at home isn’t so bad when your space actually looks and feels like a getaway. So when Snyder Diamond had the opportunity to check out the lush oasis of Kathryn M. Ireland (see picture above) they jumped at the chance with this summer grilling kick-off video.

See Ireland grill up storm with designer friend Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Snyder Diamond owner Russ Diamond in the video above.

For the full story visit Snyder Diamond here.

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Carne Asada Tacos

Sam the Cooking Guy fires up his Rockwell by Caliber Social Grill to make what he calls “The Best Carne Asada Tacos I’ve Ever Made!”

See how quickly and perfectly the Carne Asada grills up with Caliber’s patented Crossflame burners giving the meat a beautiful coloring.

Check out Sam’s Carne Asada Tacos video below that includes his avocado cream and salsa recipes or the shorter version of just the Carne Asada, and learn his secret yet controversial ingredient in his marinade.

Click to Download this Recipe

For a shorter version of Sam’s Carne Asada recipe click on the video below:

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BASCO Appliances (Portland, OR)

BASCO Appliances is based in the heart of the Portland, Oregon, Pearl District. For over 15 years, BASCO Appliances has served customers in finding the right appliance to meet any price range and providing great customer service. Caliber’s 36″ Indoor Pro Range with four burners and a French Top is stunning on the BASCO showroom floor and available to test drive as a live unit. BASCO added a custom cherry wood handle and black custom color to show you a few of the many customization options available. BASCO Appliances is ready to serve you as an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on BASCO click here.

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Black and Blue Steak

Chef Vaughn of Anvil Appliances in Salt Lake and Brigham City, Utah shows us how to make black and blue steak with a Stilton sauce on the Caliber Indoor Range. This is great for searing on the indoor rangetop or the outdoor top burners, too.

Chef Vaughn starts with New York steaks and puts the features of the Caliber French Top to the test by searing directly on it while simmering part of his Stilton sauce. He then finishes the sauce with a little flamed brandy.

The steak gets the name “Black and Blue” from the black sear outside and the rare blue coloring inside.

For the complete recipe and demonstration on the Caliber Indoor Range click here or on the video below:

Check back for more great recipes on Anvil’s Caliber products via Chef Vaughn. And, if you live in the Utah area and want to demo Caliber’s products with Chef Vaughn, make your request by clicking here.

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Anvil Appliances (Salt Lake City, UT)

Caliber is proud to have our 48″ Indoor Professional Range on display at Anvil Appliances in Salt Lake City, Utah, via our distributor, Pacific Specialty Brands. Anvil Appliances prides itself on not carrying every brand, but rather focusing on brands that fit the criteria of good performance, value, serviceability, reliability, and overall look. Caliber is honored to be one of those brands.

Caliber products are also available at their Brigham City location, where there is a 22″ Caliber Pro Kamado Charcoal Smoker/Grill and 42″ Crossflame Pro Grill on display and even travel between the two stores. Chef Vaughn is also planning some demonstrations on their Caliber products. His first demo on the Caliber Indoor Range is below! Stay tuned for more to come.

Anvil also specializes in custom cabinetry, counter tops and hardware to match Caliber products. The Anvil Appliances showrooms are open by appointment during the COVID-19 pandemic, and their staff are also available to consult via video technology. Click here for information on how to contact Anvil Appliances.