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Creamy Mushroom Soup

We hope you are enjoying your holidays and they are full of wintery fun memories. Thanks to one of our home chefs, Alison Kent, you can also enjoy her creamy mushroom soup recipe made on her Caliber Indoor Pro Range.

To download this recipe click here or on the image above. And, if you missed her featured installation, click here or on the image below.

Thanks Alison for this delicious recipe, and wishing everyone a joyous and prosperous New Year!

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Home for the Holidays

Designer and Home Chef, Alison Kent, couldn’t be more happy to be home for the holidays in her newly remodeled kitchen. Some of you may have seen her Alison Kent Home Kitchen blog talking about how she choose all of the elements in the planning stages of her kitchen remodel and how the 36″ Caliber Indoor Professional Range became a focal point of her kitchen. If you’re thinking about putting a Caliber range in your kitchen, this article would definitely be helpful.

Photography : Tracey Ayton

Alison’s kitchen couldn’t look more amazing and is our Caliber featured installation this month. For the before and after pictures of her new kitchen reveal click here. Alison also talks about all of the design details of her kitchen in this article. And, when we spoke to Alison about featuring her kitchen, she wanted to share some thoughts with our consumers.

Beyond the Reveal!

I think the biggest message for me is to not be afraid to think out of the box. It can be incredibly rewarding! When I’m designing Kitchens I like to encourage Clients to do what makes them happiest – which is typically within a certain comfort zone of things they’ve seen and experienced, but to also leave space for ‘moments of magic’. Maybe we come up with a really creative design solution (like cabinetry that can move out from under the counter, or a wood panel that bridges raised counters for hosting small ‘Chefs Table’ dinners); or perhaps instead of buying a stock piece of something from a store or website (open shelf, pulls, feature mirror), we source a storied vintage piece or leave an opening for a future found object from a meaningful place. These treasures can become unique focal points of a design and create conversations for years to come.”

Photography : Tracey Ayton

“I love that my Caliber has become one of those pieces in my own Kitchen. Making the Range a focal point is still a popular choice, especially for home cooks like me with high-end range requirements. I chose black accents as my customization to make it really ‘punch out’. Paired with the Miriam Aroeste Artwork backing and the custom Birdman the Welder hood cover piece, it’s the first area people are drawn to when they enter the Kitchen – and the most photographed! I wasn’t previously familiar with Caliber and I felt like I was taking a bit of a leap with it, but I just knew it was going to end up being one of those ‘moments of magic’.”

We are so happy that Alison fell in love with the Caliber range when visiting Midland Appliances, and that our dealer was able to reassure her on the quality of our brand during her research process. We are a hidden gem. For more on Alison Kent Home Kitchen visit her at

A walkthrough of Alison Kent’s new kitchen by SwitchDoor. See the Caliber Indoor Range in this video.

To see Alison’s Caliber range highlighted in Kitchen & Bath Design News Product Trend Report: Cooking Connections, click here.

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Instagram Live March 15th at 1pm

Join Caliber’s Executive Vice President, Dan Nichols, on March 15th at 1pm on Instagram Live (@Caliberappliances) as he walks designer and home chef, Alison Kent (@alisonkenthomekitchen), through the features of her new Caliber Indoor Professional Range.

The French Top is one of the unique features that will be covered in this demonstration and an introduction to Alison’s new range. Alison purchased her range from our dealer in British Columbia, Canada, Midland Appliance. If you miss the event, check back at this link for the post of the recorded video. Click here to see why Alison chose a Caliber Indoor Pro Range.

If you missed the Instagram LIVE event, click below or here to watch the recorded introduction.

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Appliance Decisions – The Caliber Range

Designer and home chef, Alison Kent, came to Caliber through our friends at Midland Appliance in British Columbia, Canada while she explored her options for an indoor range. Her final decision was ultimately the Caliber Indoor Pro Range and she shares her research process in her blog, but below are some of the highlights from her article.

Here are some of the things Alison found when researching her big appliance decision:

“I initially looked at Wolf, but for some reason I just wasn’t captured. Without the ability to customize to suit the design I wanted, and the low-BTU options for the 36″ size (max 20k, just 2k higher than what my Frigidaire has?!), Wolf left me feeling ‘meh’. I took a look at Lacanche and Le Cornue for the color customization and ‘design’y’ look, but the reviews were messy, and I can’t reconcile the brain behind a high-placed towel bar that blocks my view of ALL THE KNOBS?! Also two tiny ovens weren’t going to fit my catering-sized trays, AND only 15k-17k highest BTU, even less than my cheap little Range (which surprisingly has actually lasted many years and THOUSANDS of cooking hours). I turned instead to the Hestan or the Caliber, and honestly I feel I would have been happy with either choice. Great interior oven space, thoughtfully designed, and 25k-30k high burning BTU’s in the 36″ models. These are COOKS appliances, just what I was looking for. It came down to the smallest details, and Caliber ultimately won my heart for this round.”

Here’s also the Why behind Alison’s decision:

  1. The first thing that struck me was the refined detailing. It looks SHARP. Thoughtfully designed and built. Milled to perfection in every detail. I’m guessing if what I can see has been meticulously designed, hopefully the bits I can’t see are as well.
  2. I could get it in BLACK! In fact, they have a wide variety of customizations, as every single Range is built-to-order in Huntington Beach, CA. I also chose white LED vs the standard orange.
  3. Depth! My Kitchen now and soon both feature 30″ deep counters – a standard in many of the Kitchens I’ve designed, and I’ll rave about that in another post. The Caliber is 28″-33″ deep. Perfection. This extra deep Range with a decent center-to-center measurement on the elements means my pots and pans WILL ACTUALLY FIT when I’m using all 5(6) burners!
  4. Can we talk about the 120 individual FLAME PORTS on each burner?!?! I’m anticipating some maintenance here, but presumably in exchange for ultimate heat control.
  5. Handy spoon rest, vs useless towel bar that blocks the view of my controls (hello, OTHER RANGES??! WHY?!). It felt like I was back at Cooking School using Commercial stoves.
  6. BTU’s. While there was one other 36″ Range with a higher BTU option (Hestan w 30k), the 25k on the French Top here is still a good 7k more than what most other Ranges have. Also – French TOP that CONVERTS INTO A WOK spot!! Perfect for making delicate sauces all the way up to stir frys. To compare, a Commercial range typically uses about 60k BTU, not legal in a Residence unfortunately LOL!

For Alison Kent’s full blog article, click here.